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Dr. Lon M. Hatfield, M.D., Ph.D.  

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Dr. Lon Hatfield is a  visionary physician using alternative medical treatments and natural therapies along with the best of western allopathic medicine.  He is a Family Practice Physician with a research background in Biochemistry.  Dr. Hatfield  specializes in Family and  Integrative Medicine, and is the founding Medical Director of the Healing Arts Center in Colville, WA.   At this Center,  the  holistic medical approach combines a wide variety of wellness modalities.

Dr. Hatfield spent 22 years practicing western allopathic medicine, and  in 1979 co-founded the nationally recognized rural Northeast Wash. Medical Group, which now has 25 physicians.  In 1998 he opened a multidisciplinary  state-of-the-art  alternative medicine center,  in which the best of allopathic medicine was blended with the best of ancient and current alternative therapies.  The Center has consolidated its work to help  patients discover what is personally right for their own growth on the path of healing, and gives  them the tools to help make that  important transition in their lives.
Dr. Hatfield combined a number of modern and ancient therapeutic modalities, including: Allopathic,  Osteopathic,  Body Work,  Allergy & Sensitivity Treatment, Smoking Treatment,  Mind-Body-Spirit Integration,  Therapeutic Nutrition, Vitamins &  Herbs,  Homeopathy, Detoxification Protocols,  Psychotherapy,  Family Matrix,  & Exercise Programs. 

All of these modalities are available to build a program for health & healing which is unique for each individual client. 

Dr. Hatfield taught Biochemistry at the Univ. of Iowa, and ran a research lab in the Dept. of Psychiatry while in medical school.  He brings that same sense of curiosity and discovery into his work to integrate allopathic with ancient & modern therapies.  He has been married 47 years, and has two daughters,  one a physician, the other a high school teacher and counselor.

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