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Congestive Heart Failure

Heart Disease  

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Congestive heart failure is a type of heart disease in which the heart muscle is too weak to pump blood effectively, so that the flow of blood to vital organs is insufficient. Symptoms of congestive heart failure include fatigue, water retention ( edema ) , shortness of breath, diminished kidney function, and an enlarged heart.   

Integrated and alternative medicine recognize that pharmaceuticals may strengthen the heartbeat and lower blood pressure, but the underlying causes such as elevated blood pressure ( hypertension ) , damage to the heart from viral infection or a heart attack, and nutritional deficiencies that hinder optimal heart function must also be addressed to effectively treat congestive heart failure. Arteriosclerosis (clogged coronary arteries) may be another related or underlying cause of congestive heart failure.

Your doctor will help you choose the most appropriate therapies to deal with congestive heart failure from among the following:

  • Homeopathic, isopathic and herbal detoxification protocols
  • Allergy and sensitivity elimination
  • Personalized dietary modification with appropriate nutritional supplementation
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine including herbal prescriptions and acupuncture
  • Lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation (Acupuncture and herbal treatments available)
  • Family Matrix Therapy
  • Personalized instruction of your choice  

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